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Dear Disability Advocate

You may be very familiar with disability services and issues, or you may be new to this. If you are a person with any kind of disability, condition or issue that limits your ability to fully participate in life, your ideas and experiences are very important for Independent Living in Rhode Island!

Independent Living is a model of service and a belief that people with disabilities who want to make their own decisions can do this with information and support. Not everyone with a disability can be self-directing. There are many other models of service in RI, and our office can assist you to get information. This Survey is for adults who can answer the questions independently; even if you need someone to read the questions or use the computer to complete the Survey, the answers are yours.

The Rhode Island Statewide Independent Living Council (RISILC) is asking adults with any disability to complete and send this Survey to us, so that we can understand and plan for the Independent Living issues and needs that exist in our state. This Survey will help the RISILC to review the current State Plan for Independent Living and provide input when writing future State Plans.

This Survey is the best possible way for those of us who have disabilities to be heard. No matter your disability or condition, we hope you will agree that the important issue at this time is for us to use this opportunity to communicate our needs. We have this chance to speak with unified voices to improve our lives.

The Survey is confidential, your name or any identifying information will not be given to anyone, and if you want to participate in the giveaway raffle, your contact information will be separated from the Survey.

If you would like help or additional information, please contact us by phone (401.337.5888) or email ( If you are assisting someone with a disability to complete this Survey, please take care to communicate this person's comments and experiences, and no one else's. We appreciate the support given by families, friends and other advocates when it's needed.

The Council has joint responsibility with the Office of Rehabilitation services for developing and monitoring Rhode Island's State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL), a three year blueprint funded through Title VII of the Rehabilitation Act, which directly addresses issues important to the advancement of Independent Living.

Thank you.

The RISILC Needs Assessment Committee