State Plan Development Committee

June 8, 2016

2 4 p.m.

OSCIL, 1944 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI




Attendance: Ray Bandusky (DLC); Carmen Boucher (DOH); Lorna Ricci (OSCIL); Jack Ringland, Council Chair; Christie Hammond (ORS); Barbara Ringland; Margie Molloy, Council Vice Chair.

Guest/Public: Lori DiOrio (ORS); Helen Iasimone (OSCIL).

Staff: none.

Interpreters: Dorothy Hodge.


1.    Welcome and Introductions: Jack Ringland welcomed everyone. Quorum present.


2.    Approval of June 1, 2016 minutes: Jack Ringland read aloud the minutes for June 1st. Lorna made a motion to accept the minutes, Barbara second the motion. Minutes were approved as written.

3.    SPIL main goals continued from June 1, 2016:


       Committee agreed to change Goal 5, Objective 1 to Increase membership. The committee discussed the following ways to increase membership; membership campaign, website driven, needs assessment membership driven and outreach.

       Committee discussed the following:

o   Establish a FY20I7 training schedule.

o   Create a handbook members would be given upon nomination.

o   Add a training component to quarterly meetings; an example discussed was Uniform Grant training.

o   Provide opportunity for annual review.

o   By the end of the FY 2017secure a meeting facilitator.


4.    Develop SPIL Resource Plan: Copies of a draft budget was distributed and discussed.


5.    Inputting of information into SPIL template: Ray made a motion for Jack to send a request that Lorna be approved as an alternate and have access to the SPIL template for entering data.


6.    New business: none.


7.    Next meeting scheduled for June 15, 2016: The Committee needs to discuss the resource plan, review the information entered into the template and discuss the staffing needs for the Council for 2017-2019.


Meeting was adjourned at 4 p.m.



Helen Iasimone

Note Taker