State Plan Development Committee

April 13, 2016

2 – 4 p.m.

OSCIL, 1944 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI




Attendance: Ray Bandusky (CAP); Carmen Boucher (DOH); Christine Hammond (ORS); Margaret Molloy, Council Vice Chair; Lorna Ricci (OSCIL); Barbara Ringland; Jack Ringland, Council Chair.

Guest/Public: Helen Iasimone (OSCIL); Laurie DiOrio (ORS).

Staff: Rick Costa, Executive Coordinator.

Interpreters: Dorothy Hodge.


1.    Welcome and Introductions: Ray Bandusky welcomed everyone.  Quorum present.


2.    Approval of March 23, 2016 and March 16, 2016 minutes: previously sent. Minutes were approved as written.


3.    Discuss meeting timeline: The meeting calendar was reviewed with only three meetings remaining prior to the May 18, 2016 Public Hearing, a discussion ensued concerning whether an extension of time for the SPIL completion was warranted. It was not known how this would impact the Center and/or the SILC; inquiry will be made. Changing the date from May 18 to May 25 was discussed but no action was taken. The committee agreed to make every effort to complete the draft prior to the upcoming public hearing.


4.    Plan May 18, 2016 Public Forum: A motion was made by Lorna Ricci and seconded by Barbara Ringland for staff to post the notice of public hearing on the Secretary of State’s Office (SOS).  The vote passed unanimously. Approve: Ray Bandusky, Margie Molloy, Lorna Ricci, Barbara Ringland, and Jack Ringland.

The committee asked staff to send members a copy of the notice of Public hearing for review prior to posting and to supply a copy of the PowerPoint used at the last SPIL public hearing.



5.    Add to list of priorities and unmet needs using following:

·       Review current SPIL goals: see #6.

·       Discuss Council Strategic Plan and relationship to the SPIL

Lorna Ricci volunteered to review Goal 4, Objective 4 and incorporate areas of the strategic plan. She will also review other appropriate areas of Goal 4 such as youth and nursing home transition.


6.    Develop SPIL main goals

Goal One: Rhode Islanders have an understanding and knowledge of the independent living philosophy and services will remain the same. The current SPIL and the 704 Report were reviewed for progress towards reaching the current goal, objectivities, and activities of Goal One; changes to the objectives and activities were discussed. The committee also discussed the SILC’s involvement in a future Independent Living Conference as well as holding regional educational meetings.

7.    Develop objectives and activities with measurable outcomes for each goal: See #6.

8.    Adjourn