State Plan Development Committee

March 9, 2016

2 – 4 p.m.

OSCIL, 1944 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI




Attendance: Ray Bandusky (CAP); Carmen Boucher (DOH); Christine Hammond (ORS); Barbara Henry; Kathy Kindelan, Council Treasurer; Margaret Molloy, Council Vice Chair; Lorna Ricci (OSCIL); Jack Ringland, Council Chair.

Guest/Public: Tim Flynn (OSCIL); Helen Asimone (OSCIL).

Staff: Rick Costa, Executive Coordinator.

Interpreters: Dorothy Hodge.


1.    Welcome and Introductions: Ray Bandusky welcomed everyone.  Self-introductions were made.


2.    Committee Membership Status: Jack Ringland had sent an e-mail to all committee members asking them to reconsider their committee membership because the committee requires a quorum to convene a meeting.  He asked members to review the revised meeting schedule and contact him if they no longer were able to commit to the meetings. He stated that to-date no one has stepped down from the committee.


3.    Approval of January 27, 2016 minutes: previously sent. A motion was made by Jack Ringland and seconded by Kathy Kindelan to accept the minutes as written. For: Ray Bandusky; Kathy Kindelan; Margaret Molloy; Lorna Ricci; Jack Ringland. Against: none. Motion passed unanimously.


4.    State Plan responsibilities from Council: Lorna Ricci addressed the members about the importance of the SPIL including the independent living grant funds flow chart, the changes from the Rehabilitation Service Administration (RSA) to the Administration of Community Living (ACL), Part C center direct funding, and Part B funding and its use for services (e.g. SILC resource funds, home modifications) as determined by the SPIL. 

·       Ray Bandusky approved as State Plan Chair: announced as being ratified at the February full Council meeting.

·       Develop DSE selection process and investigate eligible agencies: Jack Ringland announced that a joint meeting with SILC State Plan Committee and the executive Board of the Governor’s on Commission on Disabilities (GCD) has been scheduled for Wednesday, March 16 from Noon to 2 p.m. at OSCIL to discuss the GCD’s proposal to become the SILC’s DSE.  Following a question and answer period, the GCD’s Executive Board will vote on their recommendation to the full Commission. The solicitation of other state agencies as DSE possibilities as requested by the full Council was discussed; no action taken.


·       Review Council Strategic Plan for insertion into SPIL: Jack Ringland asked if sections of the strategic plan developed by Paula McElwee could be used in the new SPIL. No action taken.


5.    Develop SPIL agendas/timeline using updated meeting schedule: updated meeting schedule was distributed; no action taken on agendas or timelines.


6.    List priorities and unmet needs using reports: The following reports were assigned to members for review for possible inclusion into the SPIL and to be presented at the next meeting.

·       Needs Assessment Survey 2014-15 and Needs Assessment Comparison report: Margie Molloy.

·       GCD Public Forum Summary: Jack Ringland and Carmen Boucher. Jack will also email the GCD’s Executive Summary of the GCD Public Forums to committee members.

·       OSCIL Consumer Satisfaction Reports: Lorna Ricci. She will also review other relevant state information.   

·       Current SPIL Goals: Lorna Ricci suggested that all committee members review current goals and objectives to determine what should be continued in the next SPIL or eliminated. Ray Bandusky suggested that the current goals and objectives be reviewed at the March 23rd meeting. No further action taken.


7.    Develop mission according to logic model: The current mission was distributed and read aloud. The consensus of the committee was to keep the mission as is.


8.    Develop main goals according to logic model: Lorna Ricci stated that the logic model was no longer relevant. The general consensus of the committee was to use many of the current SPIL goals and objectives, delete some, and add others as needed. No further action taken.    


9.    Review and assign responsibilities: refer to Agenda Item, #6.