State Plan Development Committee

January 27, 2016

10 – 11:45 a.m.

OSCIL, 1944 Warwick Ave, Warwick, RI


Attendance: Ray Bandusky (CAP); Carmen Boucher (DOH); Christine Hammond (ORS); Kathy Kindelan, Council Treasurer; Margaret Molloy, Council Vice Chair; Lorna Ricci (OSCIL); Jack Ringland, Council Chair,

Guest/Public: Laurie DiOrio (DSU); Tim Flynn (OSCIL).

Staff: Rick Costa, Executive Coordinator; Lisel Rockwood, Assistant to the Executive Coordinator.

Interpreters: Carol Fay; Mary Ellen Baxter-Breen.


1.    Welcome and Introductions: Jack Ringland, Council Chair, welcomed all to the meeting and self-introductions were made.


2.    Approval of April 10, 2015 minutes: A motion was made by Lorna Ricci and seconded by Kathy Kindelan to accept the minutes as written. Motion passed. Approval: Ray Bandusky, Kathy Kindelan Lorna Ricci, Jack Ringland. Abstention: Margaret Molloy.

A committee member asked for clarification of the last paragraph in the April 10, 2015 minutes pertaining to the current status of the DSU and the possible selection of a new DSE for the new SPIL contract.  A motion was made by Lorna Ricci seconded by Kathy Kindelan to add DSE Selection Process to the February Council meeting’s agenda. Motion passed. Approval: Ray Bandusky, Kathy Kindelan, Lorna Ricci, Jack Ringland. Abstention: Margaret Molloy


3.    Establish committee members and assign a Chairperson:

Ray Bandusky was asked to assume the responsibilities of the State Plan Committee Chair. Ray stated he would accept the Chair position on a temporary basis.  A motion was made by Lorna Ricci and seconded by Kathy Kindelan to approve Ray as the committee chair.

Approval: Kathy Kindelan, Lorna Ricci, Jack Ringland. Abstentions: Ray Bandusky, Margaret Molloy.


4.    Develop SPIL timeline and meeting schedule:

·       Committee meetings will be held at OSCIL from 2 – 4 p.m. on the following dates: February 10th and 24th; March 9th and 23rd; April 13th and 27th; May 11th; June 8th.

·       Public Hearing will be held on May 18th at the Warwick Public Library from 2 to 4:30 p.m.

·       Lorna Ricci suggested meeting with her Board in April after the committee has made progress developing the SPIL.

·       It was suggested that the Resource Plan meetings take place after the SPIL is developed. At that time the committee would be able to identify the SILC duties and expenditures.  

·       DSU Selection Process will be discussed at the February Council meeting.             

5.    Review reports to establish priorities:

·       Jack Ringland asked committee members to review the results of the Needs Assessment Survey and the comparison results with the previous survey. He also suggested that the current SPIL be reviewed for unmet goals and objectives. A copy of the work plan developed by Paula Mcelwee was distributed to the committee members.

·       Laurie DiOrio suggested that a committee member be selected to review the GCD Public Forum summary and highlighted the pertinent issues to the SPIL. Carmen Boucher presented a cross reference of the Department of Health (DOH) State Plan with the current SPIL. Laurie also suggested the committee review the New York SPIL. The plan’s goals and objectives are more generalized and allocates funds to particular activities. She will send a copy to all committee members. Laurie also stated that the current SPIL, developed using the logic model, has objectives that are not needed in the SPIL because they are statutory duties.